Flower Cleanser Bundle

Flower Cleanser Bundle

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Reduces uterine fibroids

Detoxify the womb

Strengthens pelvic muscles

Balance PH

Increase healthy cervical fluids


Heavy menstruation

Yeast infection

Bacterial vaginosis

Eases menstrual cramps

Regulates cycle

helps endometriosis


Anti fungal 


Ingredients: hops • dandelion • red clover • raspberry leaf • sage • yarrow • arnica • tea tree 

Flower cleanser • Tea strainer (color may vary) • Tea tree • Flower douche 

Directions: pour 12oz of distilled boiling water over 2 tbsp of herbs and let steep until cooled down. Strain herbs and pour into douche bottle. Add 3 drops of tea tree oil into bottle. Use after cycle or if you have a yeast infection. Do not use if you are pregnant or on blood thinners. Do not drink the flower cleanser 


Please do not use if your are pregnant, nursing, or on blood thinners. This herbal blend doesn’t take the place of seeking a physician. Please consult with your health care provider before use.

This blend has not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to cure treat or prevent any disease.